The Nubian pyramids, also known as the Kushite pyramids

11/15/2021, 10:59:18 AM
The Nubian pyramids, also known as the Kushite pyramids, were erected by the kings and queens of the ancient African Kushite kingdoms. About 300 Nubian pyramids were built in a period of only a few hundred years, The region North of Sudan in ancient times was known as Nubia. The highly developed settlements of the Nubian civilization were located in the Nile river valley, in the area that is today known as Sudan. There were three Kushite kingdoms; the first of which flourished from (2600 till 1520 BC) and its central city was the ancient city of Kerma. The second was the city-state of Napata (1000-300 BC). and the last kingdom thrived from( 300 BC to 300 AD )and its capital was the ancient city of Meroë. They are built of granite and sandstone. The Nubian pyramids are now recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Comment | Tag | Share Read Conscious Articles on our website. Link in Bio. Turn ON Post Notifications & Never miss any Content! #ancientafrica #africanpyramids #greatafrica #motherafrica

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