The Immortals Bridge 'China'. #bridges Would you be brave

1/21/2021, 2:29:30 PM
The Immortals Bridge 'China'. #bridges Would you be brave enough to trek a pathway called The Bridge of Immortals? Situated in Huangshan (aka Yellow Mountain), a mountain range in the southern Anhui province of eastern China, the bridge, above, is located at a vertigo-inducing height between two giant, jagged granite peaks that dares adventures to cross its path. It is not the only risky walkway along the mountain range, though. The Yellow #Mountain is a daredevil’s dream destination for a thrilling experience. It is lined with tight and rickety walkways high up in the air, with the threat of a long, lethal drop below. In fact, one trail along the side of the mountain is made up of just a few planks of wood that seem to be held together with nothing more than large staples. There is also a chain link lining the course of the mountain for hikers to hold onto for balance (and dear life). One would wonder why anyone would take such a dangerous walk, but, ultimately, it’s an adventure that offers breathtaking views, as well as a personal feat to relish in. Comment | Tag | Share Read Conscious Articles on our website. Link in Bio. Turn ON Post Notifications & Never miss any Content! #ancientbridge #theancients #daredevil #oldchina #China

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