The Ancient Ghost City of Ani. Situated on the eastern

3/1/2021, 5:31:49 AM
The Ancient Ghost City of Ani. Situated on the eastern border of Turkey, across the Akhurian River from Armenia, lies the empty, crumbling site of the once-great metropolis of Ani, known as "the city of a thousand and one churches." Founded more than 1,600 years ago, Ani was situated on several trade routes, and grew to become a walled city of more than 100,000 residents by the 11th century. In the centuries that followed, Ani and the surrounding region were conquered hundreds of times -- Byzantine emperors, Ottoman Turks, Armenians, nomadic Kurds, Georgians, and Russians claimed and reclaimed the area, repeatedly attacking and chasing out residents. By the 1300s, Ani was in steep decline, and it was completely abandoned by the 1700s. Rediscovered and romanticized in the 19th century, the city had a brief moment of fame, only to be closed off by World War I. #losthistory For more details and photos about Ani visit our website. Category/Ancient or Type 1001 in Search Box. Photos Credit: @muhammedkosen Comment | Tag | Share Read Conscious Articles on our website. Link in Bio. Turn ON Post Notifications & Never miss any Content! #church #theancients #saturday #armenia #turkey #1001churches #armeniahistory #turkeyhistoryt

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