Bennut cemetery ... Nubia Bennut, the mayor of Lower Nubia

9/9/2021, 4:03:12 PM
Bennut cemetery ... Nubia Bennut, the mayor of Lower Nubia, lived during the time of King Ramses VI, one of the twentieth kings of the family, and his administration headquarters was in Anayba. His cemetery was built at the southern end of the ancient Aniba cemetery and this cemetery consists of an entrance leading to a rectangular room carved in the mountain rocks whose back wall ends with a cavity containing three statues and in the center there is a burial well of a depth of ten meters and at the end of the well there is the burial chamber in which Bennott is buried and the views of the room are divided The rectangular part falls into two parts: the eastern part is for scenes of daily life, and the western part is for the world of the dead. Most of these scenes were destroyed in the twentieth century AD. The cemetery includes the most important view, which is a view of King Ramses VI's reward for Benot for his erecting a statue of the king and placing it in the Temple of Durr near Aniba. The reward was two vessels made of silver, one for perfumes and the other for glues Quoted by researcher Rehab Hamdy

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