O psalmist of beauty, sing to me! Proud of Kings

9/9/2021, 4:08:10 PM
O psalmist of beauty, sing to me! Proud of Kings Constantine and his mother Helena, and make me more sweet in the songs Al-Faruq Omar and Al-Mustafa, his Messenger, mentioned to me lovingly! And with the friend, Aba Aisha Zain, Lee Arkani Tell me a flower from Othman's Qur’an As for Ali, by this, Al-Joud has become a caliph to follow, now and at all times. O Jesus, come on! Increase the Lord's glory above all glory! And they called Kerialison in the land and filled it with love and peace, soldiers calling out to God is Great! Allah is the greatest! It is time to pray the residency! And bear witness, O earth, that there is no god but God, and with the verse of Sophia, peace has become a home and address. Aya Sophia Cathedral, Mosque and Museum It is basically an orthodox Christian cathedral established by Emperor Justinian in 532 AD, and it took five years to build and was inaugurated in 537 AD. Emperor Justinian was one of the most famous Christian kings of justice and love for God and for the reconstruction of his holy homes, so he was a lot of churches and among the most extravagant in their path, and he accompanied the most talented artists from different countries. The world in order to create a new ecclesiastical style for each church he builds and in Aya Sophia the engineers chose Isodor of the Milesi and Anthemius of the Tralini to build this great cathedral, and after entering Constantinople during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II, called the Fatih, this cathedral was transformed into a mosque and then in 1935 it became a museum that strangely mixes between what Remains of them from Christian and Islamic art! The verses of the Gospel, the verses of the Qur’an, the icons of the Holy Virgin Mary, the saints and the Christ, with the names of the Rightly Guided Caliphs, Hassan, Hussein, mihrabs and Islamic arts.

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