How was the transfer of the temples of Abu Simbel carried

9/13/2021, 10:10:04 AM
How was the transfer of the temples of Abu Simbel carried out ?! The transfer of the temple took place in several stages: - The first stage: to establish an isolating dam between the waters of the Nile and the two temples, in order to protect the temple from submersion in the rapidly rising waters. And the second stage: it covered the façade of the temples with sand while cutting the rocks. And the third stage: it is the transfer of engineers by cutting stone temple blocks and then numbering them in order to facilitate their installation after the transfer, then it was moved to the new temple location, which is about 120 meters away from the old place and 60 meters higher than it was previously, and after moving all the stones from their old location. In the fourth phase, it was installed again, starting from the Holy of Holies, i.e. the last part of the temples from the inside to the outer gate, and concrete domes were built under the rocks of the artificial mountain and over the two temples to reduce the load of the mountain rocks on the two temples, and thus the temples of Abu Simbel were successfully transferred to become one of the largest The projects of the last century, due to its magnitude and accuracy, which were required to be implemented to preserve the perpendicularity of the sun.

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