Alcázar of Seville One of the most beautiful palaces of

9/23/2021, 2:07:05 PM
Alcázar of Seville One of the most beautiful palaces of Andalusia, and one of the most beautiful examples of mixing Arab-Islamic architecture with Gothic architecture. This palace is considered a living witness to Ali. Location: It was originally a fortress built by the Muslims in Seville The founder: It was mentioned that the first person who started building this palace was the Caliph Abd al-Rahman al-Nasir for the religion of God, then al-Mu'tamid ibn Abbad developed the blessed palace, adding to it columns and constructions brought from the city of Zahraa in Córdoba, and the palace was rich in his reign with poets, writers and musicians, then it was later transformed by Pedro the First And other Castile kings to the modern palace of Seville The importance of this palace is because it gives a clear picture of the most famous periods of Muslim rule in Andalusia It is also a living witness to the amalgamation that took place between the elements of Islamic and Gothic architecture It is difficult to determine the nature of the governance shortcomings in Seville during the reign of the Banu Abbad, as there are very few written texts about that, and the urban developments carried out by the Almoravids, the Almohads, and later the Christians led to the blanketing of most of the features of devotional architecture. Nevertheless, poems dating back to the Banu Abbad era suggest that they took an interest in designing the palaces with their height, so that they would overlook the Wadi Kabir River. The well-known palaces of Banu Abbad included the palaces of Al-Mubarak, Al-Makram, Al-Zahi, Al-Zahir, Al-Waheed and Al-Taj. Some researchers believe that the gardens and ponds of Al Zahi Palace may have been related to Al Mubarak's palace, so that both formed one large palace. Perhaps many of the other palaces of Bani Abbad were connected to them, forming a large grouping of palaces

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