The Ka statue of King Au Ibra Hor This magnificent and

9/27/2021, 9:34:54 AM
The Ka statue of King Au Ibra Hor This magnificent and sound statue represents a rare masterpiece of woodcarving art, depicting the ka of the king Ao Ip Ra Hur with what appears from the hieroglyphic ka in the form of arms raised above the head. The ka, or guardian spirit, was destined to extend life into the statue to keep its owner alive. The statue, which was found in its accompanying skeleton or naos, was covered with a thin layer of colored plaster, and the king was represented wearing a three-part head covering that recedes from the ears, and he wears a long sacred beard. It is noticed that the sculptor succeeded in forming the studded eyes to give a lively look to his expressive face. The eyes are inlaid with rock crystal and quartz. It appears as if the statue was holding a scepter in its right and a stick in its left, and the statue of the king was fixed on a wooden plank that could be pulled out of the temple. King Hor is the third pharaoh in the Thirteenth Dynasty during the Middle Kingdom. He appeared on the Turin List as Atot Ibra. It appears that he ruled for a short period not sufficient to build a pyramid that was common in his time as tombs for kings. It is believed that he ruled for a period of seven months, around the year 1760 BC. It is known that King Hor was buried in Gabba and was found in Dahshur near the pyramid of King Amenemhat the Third. In the cemetery was found the king’s coffin, some jewelry, statues, and various other things. And near the collectors of King Hor found a jabaa, the king's daughter, whose name is Nob-Hatep-Khaird.

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