Akhenaten and the Athenian Creed One of the most important

9/27/2021, 9:49:36 AM
Akhenaten and the Athenian Creed One of the most important kings of the modern state, especially in the 18th Dynasty, is Amenhotep the Fourth (Akhenaten), a king who had a different outlook and thought than any other king. Akhenaten remains the only son of King Amenhotep the Third and Queen T, he grew up in the royal palace, which was full of luxury and enjoyment without any restrictions. When he grew up, he got married to (Nefertiti), she was the daughter of a noble family, and he had secondary wives, including (Kia) or Tutankhamun. An opinion says that during the last few years of the reign of Amenhotep, Akhenaten participated with him in the ruling. Despite the environment in which Akhenaten grew up, whom we talked about, he was a religious, sincere and devoted young man with a different thinking. He had no interest in military and war affairs and devoted all his attention to religious preaching. Akhenaten raised his belief in Aton, and when he formally assumed power, he chose Aton as the only god and abandoned all the other deities, and considered Aton the essence of the heavenly, the creator of everything, and that the power inherent in the disk of the sun with its light and heat, no one can see it and not touch it, but it is present everywhere and worshiped everywhere. Of course, this created a conflict between Akhenaten and the priests of other deities, especially the priests of Amun, who felt the threat of their influence, especially after Akhenaten erased the name of Amun from all traces and texts in the royal records and put the name of Aton instead of it and the construction of the Latun temple within the boundaries of the wall surrounding Karnak and changed its name from Amenhotep the fourth to Akhenaten. After 4 years of gathering his supporters, he moved with his wife, daughters and supporters to a distant new land that he built and planned its buildings, temples and cemeteries, and surrounded it with 14 paintings in an elegant way to be ready that it would remain the new capital and called it sister Aton, meaning the Aton horizon (Tell al-Amarna). Diane Aton relied on honesty and realism, which was most evident in the

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