Restructuring of the face of Thutmose IV This king is the

9/30/2021, 4:37:32 PM
Restructuring of the face of Thutmose IV This king is the son of Amenhotep II and Queen T-A, one of the most prominent kings of ancient Egypt, and he is the eighth king in the eighteenth dynasty. He was born approximately 1421 BC and ruled from 1401 to 1391 BC. He had five brothers competing to succeed their father, but Thutmose claimed that he saw the god Ra in the image of the Sphinx in his sleep, and told him that if he removed the accumulated sand on his statue and preserved it from what obliterated it from the eyes, he would give him the crown of Egypt. In this way, he was able to seize the throne without knowing how to detail it. He campaigned in northern Syria (two rivers), put down all revolutions, and joined the royal marriage with the daughter of Artatama I; Mitanni. And he carried out a campaign on the country of Kush in Nubia, where there was a revolution in the country of Wawat, and he was able to defeat his enemies and returned with many prisoners and plunder. Its effects include the dream painting at the feet of the Sphinx, and additions to many temples, such as the Karnak Temple. He married Nefertari, who was the Queen of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt, Queen Mut-Em and Ya, who was the King's secondary wife, and the mother of King Amenhotep III. In addition to his successor, Amenhotep III, he fathered three males - Thutmose, Amenamabet, and Amenemhat, and nine females. He was buried in his tomb prepared for himself in the Valley of the Kings, which is Cemetery No. 43 discovered by Theodore Davis in 1908. The tomb was looted, but several pieces of furniture and a war cart were found in it. His mummy was transferred to the royal cemetery of Amenhotep II. Kings hunt treasures and his mummy was discovered by Victor Lort in 1898. And his mummy indicates that he died at about thirty and it is believed that he was suffering from a disease that had led to his death, as his body seemed very thin. Quoted from the prospector page

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