A group of photos of Fayoum portraits: - Fayum paintings

10/1/2021, 1:46:46 PM
A group of photos of Fayoum portraits: - Fayum paintings, Faiyum mummies, or Fayum mummies paintings, a term that embodies a group of realistic portraits of characters painted on coffins of Egyptian mummies in Faiyum during the period of the Roman presence in Egypt. Where classic drawing and painting on wooden panels makes it one of the most beautiful drawings in the art of classical international painting. In fact, the Fayum paintings are the only ones of their kind in the world. Faiyum mummies were found in several parts of Egypt, but the Faiyum Basin area included most of the discoveries that made them bear this name, specifically from the Hawara region to central Egypt, and archaeologists are likely to be these funerary paintings. Egyptian was made in the period of Roman Egypt. It is also believed that its beginnings go back to the first century AD, and it is not certain when it stopped its manufacture, but some recent studies suggest that its manufacture stopped in the third century AD, and the paintings are an early example of the types of art that followed that spread in the Western world through Byzantine art. And the art of Coptic icons in Egypt. The paintings show a drawing of a figure of the person buried in the coffin, and it is usually a large or well-known figure, and the drawings tend to the Greco-Roman art more than what is known about the art of ancient Egyptian painting, as Egyptians were affected by this art just as societies are affected by other societies by the same occupied as it was in Egypt in this period. There are now about 900 paintings discovered in historical tombs in Fayoum, and due to the dry and hot climate of the region, the paintings have been preserved so excellently that the colors of many of them appear to have not dried up yet.

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