Badshahi Mosque: - When that mosque was built, it was the

10/1/2021, 1:50:42 PM
Badshahi Mosque: - When that mosque was built, it was the largest and greatest building built in Islam. It was built by the pride of the kings, the Sultan, the Mujahid scholar, who if someone said what was best for Muhammad’s Ummah some of the Rightly Guided Caliphs would be better than he said. The originator of this gigantic edifice was the largest mosque in The scientist, Sultan Aurangzeb, the scholar of Kiir, and he is Sultan Abu al-Muzaffar Muhyiddin Muhammad Urnak Zayb Alamkir Sultan of Mughal India, Aurangzeb scholar Kiir was the last of the great Mughal Sultans of India in India, but he was considered the greatest of them ever. She surrounded the king in his palace, and canceled the exaggerations contrary to Sharia in receiving the Sultan and greeting him, and contented himself with greeting Islam, and he informed his piety that when he was dying, he recommended that he be buried in the nearest Muslim cemeteries and that the price of his shroud should not exceed five rupees. Corresponding to February 20, 1707 AD) after he ruled for 52 years, leaving a fragrant memory for a Muslim ruler that was not occupied by his worldly life and his successive wars over his religion and his hereafter, so he was an emperor like India had not witnessed in the breadth of his possession, good character, good conduct and his bed.

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