On November 4, 1922, when the British archaeologist and

10/27/2021, 2:36:44 PM
On November 4, 1922, when the British archaeologist and specialist in the history of ancient Egypt, Howard Carter, was excavating at the entrance to the tunnel leading to the tomb of Ramses VI in the Valley of the Kings, he noticed a large cellar and continued careful excavation until he entered the room that includes the tomb of Tutankhamun and was on the walls of the room The mausoleum contains wonderful drawings that tell in the form of pictures the story of Tutankhamun’s departure to the world of the dead. The scene was very impressive for the scientist Howard Carter, who was looking into the room through a hole with a candle in his hand, and his assistant is said to have asked him, "Can you see anything?" To which Carter replied, "Yes, I see wonderful things." On February 16, 1923, Howard Carter (1874-1939) was the first person in more than 3000 years to set foot on the floor of the room that contained the ark of Tutankhamun. Carter noticed the presence of a wooden box with inscriptions inlaid with gold in the center of the room, and when he lifted the box, he noticed that the box was covering a second box decorated with inscriptions inlaid with gold, and when he lifted the second box, he noticed that the second box was covering a third box inlaid with gold. When the third box was lifted, Carter reached the stone sarcophagus. Which was covered with a thick layer of stone carved in the form of a statue of Tutankhamen, and when he raised this stone cover, Carter reached the main golden coffin, which was in the form of a statue of Tutankhamun, and this golden coffin covered two other golden sarcophagi in the form of statues of the young king. Howard had difficulty lifting the third golden shroud that was covering the mummy of Tutankhamun from the mummy, so Carter thought that exposing the shroud to the scorching heat of the summer sun of Egypt would be sufficient to separate the golden shroud from the mummy, but his attempts failed and he was forced in the end to cut the golden shroud in two to reach the mummy Which was wrapped in layers of silk, and after removing the shroud made of cloth, he found the mummy of Tutankhamun completely decorated with ne

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