temple Ramsium one of the most beautiful Egyptian ancient

12/4/2021, 9:41:18 AM
temple Ramsium one of the most beautiful Egyptian ancient temples. Temple Ramsium: - Temple of Ramsium from the funeral temples that were built for the dead in ancient Egypt. King Ramses II, which is more kings who built them temples. The temple includes huge statues of King Ramses II, and Janba is important than inscriptions that tell the nature of life in that period, and records the pictures and inscriptions that decorate the wall of the temple and the famous Battle of Kadesh, where King Ramses II went on and how to The temple is also known as the Palace of millions of years, and the historian of the Greek Reoros is the tomb of the tomb of "or Symansyas", an important Greek interpretation of the old Ramses II name. The temple is one of the most beautiful temples in Egypt. It consists of remnants of Osiria and Osirism, a huge and a huge gall up, and its cords and bricks have been made in one level with the fence of the temple. The French-French Antiquities Mission, headed by Christian for Blablan, was found in the temple of Ramsium in the western area of Al-Barbi, on the lack of important residues from the temple due to the era of 19 and 20 Phahanes, including a group of public kitchens and buildings .

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