The Romanian Forum is one of the most important Roman

1/1/2021, 1:23:53 PM
The Romanian Forum is one of the most important Roman archaeological sites in Italy, an old site consisting of many effects that were in the past center for public and political life, and is still from the landmarks of Rome tourist that do not miss, where tourists can here The Romanian Forum - was a small valley among two Palatin and Capitolin - for long centuries of the heart of the general life in the ancient Rome. It was a popular celebrations and government elections, and was a center for public letters and public trials and presentation The field was filled with a statues that create an ancient Roman men. Some believe that the Romanian forum was a public forum in the entire history. Many of the old Rome buildings are located in the Roman Forum and what they are adjourned and the oldest and temples of the Romanian era are tired at the south-eastern gate of the Forum, including the Old Royal Palace. Other suspects were located northwest of the Romanian Forum. The latter turned into the headquarters of the Meeting of the Romanian Republic (Comitium), where the meetings of the Senate, the Democratic Government and others were held.

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