2018....Mystery of Alexandria's largest coffin:

2/28/2021, 2:56:10 PM
2018....Mystery of Alexandria's largest coffin: Archaeologists unearth 8.6-foot-long stone sarcophagus buried in Egypt 2,000 years ago beside a massive stone head The burial held a large black granite sarcophagus dating back to the Ptolemaic era based on its design. That the archaeologists believe that it is ‘the largest granite sarcophagus ever found in Alexandria’. The black stone coffin stands at approximately 6 feet (1.83 m) tall and over 5. 5 feet (1.65 m) wide. The sheer size of the granite tomb has stunned archaeologists. In the burial was also discovered the remains of a large alabaster bust of a man and it seems likely that this represents the person who was interred in the coffin although the identity of the person who was buried in the huge sarcophagus is so far unknown. The bust has deteriorated, and the features of the face cannot be made out, but it is almost certain that it is of a Macedonian or a Greek male. The size of the sarcophagus and the bust would indicate that the person buried in the granite coffin was of high social status. Posted by @persian _archaeology

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