Atlantis continent lost The continent of Atlantis always

2/27/2021, 7:55:52 PM
Atlantis continent lost The continent of Atlantis always remained just a legend that can no scientist or an archaeological researcher no matter how his fame and his experience and denied their presence in a firm and modern presence of Atlantis back to an old time . I could imagine Then he described it as the paradise of God (Almighty) in Earth, and in which all plants, vegetables and fruits are growing and changing all animals and birds and explodes in hot and cold water springs, and everything is clean and beautiful and the people of the finest peoples and greatest people Then tells about the war between the ethinians and Altlantians and describes a terrible catastrophe for the Ethenny Army, and I submit the continent of Atlantis all in the ocean! And here ends the story of Plato ... The problem begins the problem of Atatatens .. !! At first, researchers deal with Plato as an ideal novel to describe the virtuous city (Utiopia) and they are just a fantasy. Then the scholars be phapted with something that the existence of an opera linking Africa and America has always been a thought But where is the guide on the presence of Atlantis on a day ?? The story of Plato is still swinging between imagination and half imagination and the truth, and at the same time there is no evidence that Athens was one day that enables them to address a sophisticated civilization as Atlantis civilization .. And in the prevention of time we find out of scientists But in accordance with Plato, if the continent is real, the following is 9,000 years and this progress and progress, they will do so, the oldest civilization is known. The pictures are about the form of a visionary form of the city by alleged scientists. Written by Abdullah_ELsaid Posted by : History_and_historians Painted by 1-Painter: Leon Tukker 2-Painter: Damian Krzywonos 3-Painter: Joan Piqué Llorens

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