Madain Saleh is archaeological site located in the

3/25/2021, 4:48:36 PM
Madain Saleh is archaeological site located in the arguments of the Arabian Peninsula, northwest of Saudi Arabia and specifically in Al-Ola province of Al Madinah. The place occupies a strategic location on the road that connects the southern Peninsula of the Arabian Peninsula in the country of Rafidain, the country of Sham and Egypt. The Nabatieh tombs in Saleh Saleh are not built, but are engraved in sandy rocks, which contributed to the ease of sculpture and drilling, but these rocks are not solid but are affected by the factors of erosion. The colors of the rocks vary from red to white, where the history of the red rocks back to the Cambrian era, while the white rocks return to the Afferies of the Upholstery, and these rocks match with those used by the nuts in Petra , there are several . Photos taken by - parisverra @onlytraveling @eye .of.ty @johanernst

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