Roman Roads in England by Tim Taylor The first roads in

4/10/2021, 4:48:52 PM
Roman Roads in England by Tim Taylor The first roads in Britain were built by the Roman legions, which had their own surveyors, engineers and the equipment they needed for this type of construction work. The availability of local materials dictated the details of road construction, but the basic principles were always the same. The road took the form of an embankment, raised above the level of the surrounding land, with drainage ditches on either side. It would be built up in a series of layers, comprising a foundation of large rocks, followed by smaller stones, gravel and sand laid down in successive layers and rammed into place. A cobbled surface was commonplace in towns or areas of heavy use, but usually it would be gravel. The embankment was cambered for drainage, often 10m (33ft) or more wide; it was rarely less than 3m (9ft) wide to allow room for two-wheeled vehicles to pass. As elsewhere, Roman roads in Britain were built as straight as possible. The Roman surveyors had no need to worry about who owned the land along the route-way because as conquerors they could choose the most direct route. Nevertheless, they by-passed mountains, marshes and forest, where they posed particular obstacles, and they would seek out suitable crossing points at rivers. Article posted by by Tim Taylor on Historic Uk Photographer unknown

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