🏘️☠️ Kayaköy - Greek ghost town in Turkey. This ruins look

6/29/2021, 7:35:50 PM
🏘️☠️ Kayaköy - Greek ghost town in Turkey. This ruins look interesting from the outside, but the history of their appearance is much more curious. In the 18th century a new town was built on the site of the ancient city of Karmilissos and grew considerably a century later. The impetus for its growth was the destruction of the neighboring city of Fethiye by an earthquake in 1856 and a fire in 1885. The population of the town were mostly ethnic Greeks. After the War of Turkish Independence (1919-1923), the town was almost empty as a result of the deportation or death of the Greek population (the so-called "population exchange" between Greece and Turkey). Nowadays, the Greek houses are abandoned, but the remaining village of Kayaköy (kaya köy, "rocky town") is alive and welcoming to tourists. The exchange of population in 1923 was the result of the defeat of Greece in the war. The exchange affected about 2 million people and was forced, especially on the Greek population. The main objective of the exchange was to homogenize the national composition of the states formed on the territory of the former Ottoman Empire and to prevent the development of separatism by potential ethno-religious minorities. Exchanges between Greece and Turkey were conducted along religious (rather than ethnic) lines. Thus, Greek-speaking Muslims were forced to leave Greek territory, while the Christian population left Turkey (more precisely, Anatolia), even though most Christians from the interior of the peninsula had already lost the ability to speak Greek and adopted the Turkish language. The exchange was clearly unequal: 1.5 million evicted Christians came to Greece to replace 0.5 million Muslims who left, creating a social crisis in Greece, leading to an increase in slums in large cities, unemployment, poverty, hunger and mass emigration abroad. However, as a result of this tough decision, Turkey has indeed saved itself from potential ethno-religious conflicts and harassment for many decades - only Cyprus, which gained independence from Britain only in 1960 . Photographer 📸 @lanasator

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