A collection of pictures of the most important possessions

7/15/2021, 11:00:41 PM
A collection of pictures of the most important possessions that were found in the tomb of the golden king Tutankhamen. The importance of King Tutankhamun's collection is due to many reasons . The first is that the treasure of King Tutankhamun is the most complete royal treasure that was found and has no parallel, as it consists of three hundred and fifty-eight pieces that include the wonderful golden mask and three human-shaped coffins, one of which is of pure gold and the other two of gilded wood. Second: That the luggage goes back to the eighteenth dynasty and the brightest eras of the modern state, as the country opened up to the regions of the ancient Near East thanks to the military campaigns and trade relations, including export and import of resources and manufactured products, and the activity of craftsmen and artists. Finally; That this enormous group had remained in Egypt, and it shows how the royal tomb was prepared and prepared. There are items of daily life such as dolls and toys, then a group of finished furniture, tools and war equipment, statues of gods related to the king’s burial and the rituals performed for him, and the famous Tutankhamun trumpet made of Silver and copper, and all these contents are now in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Fourth: From this treasure or the enormous group we get to know a lot of the king’s life, a love for hunting and his relationship with his wife “Ankh Asan Amun,” who is believed to be his relative, in addition to knowing his most important works and his entourage, and finally the only throne that reached us from the ancient Egyptian civilization.

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