Parade armour with chamfron and armoured saddle. Augsburg

7/26/2021, 7:39:30 PM
Parade armour with chamfron and armoured saddle. Augsburg, 1594-1599. 🏛Rüstkammer, Dresden, Germany. 📝The ceremonial set for the rider and the horse with the saddle was bought in Augsburg by Elector Christian Saxon in 1602. Embossed decoration in the form of fruit bouquets, flowers, birds and insects, as well as trophies completely cover gray iron armor. Additionally riveted figured images of gilded copper. The scenes show the rider in antique armor in battle, lions, animal masks and fabulous creatures that are framed in a frame of roller-leaves and leaves. A mixture of gray iron and gold-plated elements demonstrates a decorative excess of symmetrical shapes and represents the highest point of the art of embossing. The engraved date 1599 on the left foot confirms the date of manufacture of the armor, but the name of the creator of the armor remains unknown .

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