Otagi Nenbutsu-ji Temple Otagi Nenbutsu-ji is a temple on

9/5/2021, 9:17:29 AM
Otagi Nenbutsu-ji Temple Otagi Nenbutsu-ji is a temple on the outskirts of Arashiyama with a collection of 1200 unique and whimsical statues. Itโ€™s a rarely visited and interesting place that rewards the adventurous visitor. Otagi Nenbutsu-ji Temple is hidden in the hills in far western Arashiyama. It is most famous for its collection of 1200 Rakan statues that represent the disciples of the historical Buddha. These statues are a relatively recent addition to a temple, which has a long and rather unfortunate history. The original Otagi Temple was not built in Arashiyama, but in the Higashiyama area in 770. However, this temple was completely washed away when the nearby Kamo-gawa River flooded its banks. In the early years of the Heian period (794-1192) the temple was reestablished in the north-east of Kyoto. However, over time it again fell into a dilapidated condition, until only three structures were left: the main hall, the Jizo Hall and the temple gate. Source : insidekyoto website ๐Ÿ“ธ @saltybarbara @you _ji_low

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